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Attic cooling

With the summers getting hotter and utility rates rising there are many reasons to cool your attic using only the power of the sun.

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Solar fans use the sun’s energy to actively ventilate the attic, constantly removing super-heated air and moisture with cooler, outside air.  This keeps the attic temperature close to the outside temperature and can significantly reduce the attic temperatures by as much as 30 to 40 degrees during the heat of the day.  This reduces the strain on your air conditioner which allows for more efficient cooling and reduces your electric bill!


Standard passive ventilation devices installed according to current building codes such as turbines, roof vents and ridge vents simply can’t create the active convection needed to constantly replace the heat and moisture that builds-up throughout the day.


  • Active ventilation reduces the temperature and consequently the load and strain on your home air conditioning system.  This prolongs the life of your A/C system, saving premature costly repairs and electric costs.

  • Cooler attic temperatures means that your air conditioning system runs less often, thus saving electricity and reducing your monthly electric bill.

  • Cooler attic temperatures and reduced moisture helps preserve the roof decking materials and mitigate the problems associated with mold and rot…meaning longer roof life.

  • Our solar attic fans qualify for a 30% IRS energy tax creditSee the IRS form 5695 for more details.


Solar Fanatics offers a variety of Solar Fan options. Learn more here!

Interior Lighting

Lighten up those dark areas in your home using the natural light of the sun without the negative effects.

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Natural Light Tubular Skylights operate completely on the sun's solar energy. No wiring or switches - just free light with all the positive benefits of natural lighting. The high-impact acrylic dome filters out UV rays and captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. The flashing housing protects the entire system from weather elements. The sunlight captured by the dome, travels through an extremely reflective, mirror-like tube.  Natural Light Tubular Skylights operate with virtually no heat gain unlike traditional skylights and are ENERGY STAR® qualified.  


1. Sunlight Enters the Dome

The low-profile, durable acrylic, impact resistant dome captures sunlight on your roof, from sunup to sundown. The flashing housing ensures that the unit is weather-tight and leak-proof.


2. Sunlight is Reflected Through Light Pipe

Sunlight captured by the dome bounces through a patented 98% reflective, mirror-like tube. The light pipe reflects sunlight into your home, even in early morning or late afternoon.


3. Ceiling Fixture Softly Diffuses Sunlight into Your Home

The slightly arced prismatic surface of the light fixture evenly disperses sunlight into your home - no hot spots. Harmful UV rays are filtered out and fading on clothing, furniture and carpets is eliminated.


Several options are available for most sizes including: Light kits, ventilation fans, dimmers, and a variety of diffuser styles.  


Solar Fanatics offers a variety of Lighting options. Learn more here!


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