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Solar Fanatics is your Central Texas resource for cooling your home or business and bringing light to your rooms.  We offer a FREE, no obligation onsite assessment, followed by a written estimate for our USA made products, including professional installation and an unmatched 25 year manufacturer warranty. 

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“We want to let you know how pleased we are with the job you did for us.  We were immediately sold on the idea of the solar fan and are relieved that after a month of use we are able to keep the A/C at 78 and still be comfortable.  We also noticed about a $22 decrease in our electric bill, which we are very pleased with.  This summer has been particularly brutal and we needed a quick solution to bring down the high electric bills.  We are also very pleased with the tubular skylight.  It makes our dark stairwell much brighter and helps keep the lights off during the afternoon, saving even more on our electric!  You just don’t offer a great product, but great customer service!”


~Gustavo & Allison, Cedar Park

“My wife and I decided to install a solar attic fan on our two story house.  Before installing we used to find staying upstairs even for five minutes unbearable.  Come April each year, we would move from the master bedroom to our guest bedroom downstairs.  The morning after the fan was installed, my wife asked me if I turned the A/C on upstairs.  We couldn’t believe how cool our upstairs got!  The upstairs is cool and this keeps downstairs cool as well.  Our comfort level has gone way up and our electric bill down.  The solar attic fan paid for itself within a few months.  We also feel very good about the fact that we have contributed toward reducing CO2 and greenhouse gases by installing the solar attic fan, reduced peak load demand and improved our environment in our own right”


~Sunny & Adelina, Cedar Park

“Happy to say that only a day after getting our solar attic fan installed, our upstairs bedroom is already the coolest it has been since the beginning of spring/summer, and our A/C isn’t running non-stop!!  Thank you Mike Haas!”


~Craig, Round Rock

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